PODCAST: Much of Trump's Agenda Will Be "Impossible" to Achieve

PODCAST: Much of Trump's Agenda Will Be "Impossible" to Achieve

By Jonathan Roth

In a startling RiskHedge Radio interview, one of the world’s best-known demographers believes much of President-elect Donald Trump’s agenda will be “impossible” to achieve. Neil Howe, the Managing Director of Demography at Hedgeye Risk Management, says structural demographic trends will push back against Trump’s plans, while comparisons made to the Reagan economic boom years are incompatible with the data.

“In 1980, we had the wind at our back: a huge generation coming into the workforce, and then in that generation, all the women coming into the workforce; young people would rather die than live with their parents, so they were all in the workforce. And today, that’s very different.”

These changing American demographic trends will not only impact Trump’s presidency, but will also affect the geopolitical situation around the world in profound ways.

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