Japan’s Economic Sun May Rise Again Thanks to Anti-Aging Medicine
The Japanese people are well-educated and industrious. In the 1960s, Japan’s economic growth rate was often over 10%, rising to an astounding 13%. By the 1980s, pundits and economists were telling us that the US should be copying Japanese economic policies. I knew people who studied Japanese because they were convinced that it would be the international language of business.
Against the US, Pakistan Stands Its Ground
It’s no secret the United States and Pakistan have a troubled relationship. And it’s no secret why this is so: The events of Sept. 11, 2001, brought the U.S. military to Pakistan’s doorstep, in Afghanistan, where the Taliban had harbored some of the militants responsible for the 9/11 attacks.
Don't Sweat the Euro
The ECB is faced with a conundrum: do they go ahead and taper asset purchases as expected, or instead hold back, figuring that the currency markets are doing the “tightening” job for them?
Tremors on the North Korean Border
Analysts estimated the early September North Korean testing of a hydrogen bomb to be between four and 16 times more powerful than any of their five previous nuclear tests. This timing of this testing was an effective radioactive middle finger to China.